3 Common Myths in Commercial Cleaning

There’s a stigma surrounding commercial cleaning services. The belief is that outsourcing our janitorial services will lead to costly mistakes, untrustworthy employees, and a host of issues that is ultimately not worth the headache. The trade-off is that we must...

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The Dirty World of Commercial Cleaning

The world of commercial cleaning is extremely competitive. Everyone from global companies to mom-and-pop operations are all vying for the next account to bolster their revenue stream. It’s a dirty world full of promises that can often be motivated by the check you...

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Dress (Your Facility) to Impress

Whether you have the best commercial cleaning program in town or not, there are most likely details going unnoticed. In our personal lives, we have no problem taking the “dress to impress” approach. Whether for a job interview, wedding, or a big presentation at work,...

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The Dangers of Commercial Cleaning Products

As consumers, we’re always on the look-out for the wonder product. We want a commercial cleaning product that kills bacteria, leaves a pleasant scent, makes every surface sparkle, and costs pennies on the dollar. Remember that movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding? In it,...

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The Importance of Floor Care

Your most important asset is underfoot. My grandmother was a salty lady. As a child, every time I came through the front door, she would yell, “Take off your shoes!” It wouldn’t be uncommon for that command to be heavily peppered with some expletives either. Mamaw...

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What Facility Managers Want

Whether we realize it or not, we all live in a stress gap. No matter the circumstance, we all have the vision of what we want to happen and what’s really going on. For a facility manager, that gap can be a monster that defines what their days, months, even years tend to look like.

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Three Ways to Keep Your Restrooms Clean

Restroom cleanliness tells a much bigger story than the difference between clean and dirty. It paints the picture of your facility as a whole. By implementing these actionable steps, you will be able to see results right away while making things easier for your staff, customers, and everyone in between.

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The Cost of Culture

At Zoë, we sell two things. The first is right there in our name: facility services. This is what pays the bills. We assess a facility, help a client decide on the things they need, and deliver a suite of services to fill that need. The second thing we sell is...

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The Best Cleaning Tool You Already Have

“What’s the best thing to clean with?” This is the first thing people want to know when they discover I work in the janitorial business. The other popular questions are real doozies like: “Will you clean my house?” and “Isn’t that a degrading job?”  90% of...

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