Have you ever walked into a cluttered and dirty office for an appointment? What type of impression did it give you? Were you tempted to turn around and walk out?

A dirty office or facility has a ripple effect. Clients are not impressed, and your team members can’t live up to their potential. Cluttered supply rooms and workstations make it difficult to find needed items. Germs are everywhere, and team members regularly get sick. This puts a strain on your business and hampers productivity. 

Team members who are happy and enjoy going to work get more done. Working is not enjoyable if your office is grimy, cluttered, and dusty. Team members will take time out of their day to complain instead of working on projects.

Is this the type of atmosphere you want at your workplace? Chances are you don’t. Cleanliness can help. Here are the reasons why workplace cleanliness is essential.

Team Member Well-Being

A clean workplace benefits a team member’s mental and physical health. Clean air protects team members from headaches and respiratory issues. In addition, regularly cleaning surfaces and regular garbage collection protects employees from getting sick. 

It’s challenging to work in a cluttered and dirty environment. When someone has to deal with these conditions every day, it can be detrimental to their mental health. Team members might find it challenging to concentrate and develop negative feelings toward the company.


Workplace productivity ties in with mental and physical health. When a team member is in a good mental space, they can efficiently complete their work. Garbage piles, dirty floors, and clutter can inhibit work ethic. When these issues are not on someone’s mind, they can better focus on their work.

Physical health also affects workplace productivity. If a team member has a headache or isn’t feeling well, productivity will plummet. In addition, if surfaces are not regularly cleaned, germs will spread, and team members will get sick. This causes team members to take sick days, which also decreases productivity.

Increases Employee Satisfaction and Retention

When it’s clear that a company values its team members, employees are more satisfied with their jobs. When employees are satisfied, they are more productive and likely to stay in their position. It takes time and money to train someone new. It’s best to keep your team members happy. Here are a few items that promote team member satisfaction:

  • Clean restrooms
  • Tidy break rooms
  • Clean floors
  • Common surfaces are sanitized regularly
  • Trash bins are regularly emptied
  • The use of green cleaning products

Makes a Good Impression

A clean office or facility makes a good impression. It will impress clients, visitors, team members, potential team members, and anyone who stops by. Businesses are more likely to keep clients when welcomed by a clean office. 

Pay attention to details and make sure visitors feel welcome and can find what they need. Ensure bathrooms are clean and accessible trash bins are placed throughout the facility.

In addition, keep your outdoor spaces tidy. Just as curb appeal is essential for a home,  the outside of your business is also important. Clients and visitors begin to form an opinion about your business as soon as they pull up. Make this first impression count.

Regularly maintain the grass and plants, clean up garbage, and place trash bins throughout your outdoor space. Plant some flowers to add color and cheer, and make sure your signage is clear.

Reach More Customers

In the digital age, reviews count. When people seek out a business or service, they look to reviews to make a good choice. If your office is filthy and smells bad, people will note it. You don’t want negative reviews.

Online reviews aside, you will be able to maintain the integrity of your brand name with a clean workplace. People will speak highly of you, recommend your business to friends and family, and keep coming back. 

Save Money

When you maintain cleanliness in the workplace, you save money. Overall productivity increases and, in turn, helps your bottom line.

In addition, when you regularly maintain your workplace, it cuts down on cleaning and maintenance costs. If you go a long time without proper cleaning, it will take more money to get caught up. Also, your furniture, carpet, and equipment will last longer with regular cleaning. This saves paying for replacements and refurbishments.

Take it a Step Further with Green Cleaning

A clean office is a great start, but green cleaning will take it to the next level. When using green chemicals, air quality is improved. There is even less chance of headaches and respiratory distress because of exposure to toxic chemicals. Plus, the scent left behind is much more pleasant.

Using green cleaning products is also easier, cost-effective, and protects the environment and animals. Staff and visitors will breathe easier and be impressed by your commitment to team member health and the environment.

Tips for Workplace Cleanliness

Whether cleaning in-house or hiring a commercial cleaning company, you need an adequately organized cleaning schedule. This outlines all specific tasks that need to be accomplished on which days and who will complete them. An organized schedule ensures that all necessary tasks are taken care of, and your workplace will shine.

Any complaints should be handled immediately by your staff or the janitorial company. Listening to team members and clients is essential to maintaining trust.

When your team members are healthy and work in a clean environment, they will be more productive. The more impressed clients are with your office, the more likely they will keep coming back and recommend your company. The more productive employees are, and the happier your clients are, the more your business grows and thrives.

If you want to boost workplace productivity, consider hiring a commercial cleaning company. We are committed to green cleaning in the Indianapolis area. Book your walkthrough with our Zoë Facility Services team today.