The world of commercial cleaning is extremely competitive. Everyone from global companies to mom-and-pop operations are all vying for the next account to bolster their revenue stream. It’s a dirty world full of promises that can often be motivated by the check you write rather than being the solution to your needs. So how do you navigate that market? If you’re looking to outsource your commercial cleaning duties, who should you trust?

Below, I will give you 3 important questions to ask that will help you feel confident when choosing a commercial cleaning service to best fit your needs.

1. Are they a Jack-of-all-Trades?

Are you looking for a commercial cleaning service because you are plagued with a dirty facility that also has grimy windows, carpets, tile, and everything in-between? You might be thinking you need a carpet team, a strip and wax company for your VCT woes, and some commercial cleaners to get the day-to-day work done. The problem here is that you are getting price-gouged by separating all of these duties and don’t have a Jack-of-all-Trades on your team.

Ask about all of the services a company offers. It’s important to look for a commercial cleaning service that can bundle all of your needs into one easy-to-understand package. Not only will you see a financial benefit, but you will also have a team in your building each day that has the capability to rectify immediate issues with carpet spills, VCT damage, and everything else. Having a company that is a Jack-of-all-Trades will benefit you much more than individual specialists. It reduces the stress of scheduling and lets you rest assured that the company you hired can handle anything thrown at them.

2. How Does a Company Represent Their Employees?

Any responsive, professional commercial cleaning company has an understanding that their staff are their single most important resource. It’s not the Sales Manager that you need to feel confident in, it’s the front line cleaners that come in and out of your facility each day. It is the people who are in the field, in your facility, moving about your building doing the hard work that you must put your faith in.

When shopping for new commercial cleaning services, inquire about company culture. As outlined in our blog, The Cost of Culture, quality and output increases when an employee is engaged in a healthy work environment. Ask how they recruit, screen, and hire employees. Ask how they manage and motivate their teams. Companies that light up and are excited to answer these questions are hungry to show you what sets their teams apart. A company who sees its people as an investment and resource instead of a payroll headache will make the difference between lackluster and rockstar performance.

3. Is Health a Priority?

There’s a difference between making things look good and understanding the science of bacterial and viral spread to ensure that what looks clean is actually clean. CleanLink published an article, Cleaning for Health, which states that “Cleaning with an eye on health helps reduce ‘sick building syndrome’, infections and respiratory problems — and it benefits not only the building’s occupants but also the cleaning employees, since cleaner and healthier workplaces tend to experience less absenteeism among workers.”

The best commercial cleaning companies understand touchpoints, how to effectively reduce infection and disease, cleaning for health, proper restroom cleaning, and Green Cleaning processes as well as which chemicals to use and where. If you’re looking for a new janitorial service, it’s important to ask how health-oriented they are. Partnering with a company that doesn’t have the health of you and your facility in mind means you are putting everyone in your building at risk. A knowledgeable and well-trained commercial cleaning program will not only keep your building sparkling, they will help you maintain a clean and healthy work environment.


The world of commercial cleaning can be a dirty business. However, arming yourself with the right questions can help you successfully navigate a market saturated with companies vying for your business. Find a team who is health-conscious, values their employees, and can fit all of your needs. Finding a commercial company who cares in such ways will ensure that they are more concerned with solving your problems than just padding their bank account.