Water damage is a very common issue amongst homeowners and property managers alike.  Knowing the type of water damage will help you determine when to reach out for help, and what amount of intervention may need to be done early on.

Type 1: Clean Water

This would be water that comes from your sink, toilet (with a clean bowl), an appliance with clean water, or leaky pipes.  There are little to no contaminants, however, depending on the amount of water and the amount of time that has passed, this water, if standing, could have created larger issues under the surface. It is important to call a professional to determine any water damage in this situation if the water has been standing for a while.  If a sink has overflowed and you are there to quickly clean up the mess, it is not necessary to call for help. However, if you take a vacation and come home to standing water in your basement or kitchen, it would be appropriate to call for help.

Type 2: Gray Water

This would be water that has some sort of contaminants in it such as soap or dirt.  This does not mean “fecal matter,” as this is a different category of water. Gray water would come from a dishwasher or washing machine or a clean toilet that has overflowed onto the floor and surrounding surfaces. This is a heightened level of concern as contaminants could create further issues and it is important to call a professional to determine the level of care needed, if necessary.

Type 3: Black Water

As you can imagine, this is the most serious of the three categories. It is the highest level of contamination. Fecal matter, soiled toilet paper, and any overflow of bodily excrements is categorized as black water.  This type of damage requires special equipment. It is very important that you contact a professional immediately to discuss the situation to see if further mitigation is necessary.

No category of water is safe from creating damage to a property, but it is important to know how to categorize the damage and what to do in the case that you have experienced this.  Our hope is that no home owner experiences water damage, but in the case that it does, we want to help answer any questions you may have.

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