What is a restoration company, and why is it important to use a reputable one when dealing with a crisis at your home or place of employment?

Restoration companies are the front line workers of natural disasters or home/business issues.  Whether it’s tornado, storm damage, or a washing machine or toilet that has overflowed, a restoration company enters the structure to assess the damage and immediately goes to action.  Does flooring need to be torn out to prevent mold from growing under carpet? Are fans necessary to dry out sub-flooring or other permanent fixtures in the home? Does the entire structure, or a portion of it, need to be secure for the protection of others? Is clean up necessary in early stages? Do we need to enter the structure and pack away items for a time? There are many questions to be answered, but reputable companies know the answers and can ease any anxiety you have early on.

After the initial crisis is over, and the structure has been secured, the restoration company will work with the owner’s insurance to come up with a plan for complete restoration of the property. This is why insurance coverage is so vital. We will work directly with insurance to work on a plan based on your coverage.  When this stage is complete, restoration of the property is initiated and executed in as timely a manner as possible.

As homeowners it is really scary to experience something that creates vulnerability, chaos, or destruction of personal property.  Knowing what can be saved or what must be replaced is the job of a restoration company.  A reputable restoration company will have resources that can attempt to save data on computers or laptops, photos, and even some that specialize in restoration of specific types of items.

We provide contractors who oversee our projects, carpenters, plumbers, roofers, and so much more. It’s our goal to make sure that your property is cared for because you, the client, are important and your satisfaction is key.

Zoë Restoration is a company that focuses on the client.  Your well-being, security, and complete restoration are important to us. Owner, Greg Huffman, knows what it is like to experience great loss.  He and his family lost their home in 2008 when a flood rampaged through their hometown and completely destroyed their home, and many of their personal belongings.  The chaos that followed was devastating. No one came to offer help as they worked through all of the unknowns. Because of the experience his family endured, he longs to help others on their journeys of recovery. This is what sets Zoë Restoration apart.