There’s a stigma surrounding commercial cleaning services. The belief is that outsourcing our janitorial services will cost outrageous amounts of money, that a cleaning company is untrustworthy, or that the communication will be terrible. The trade-off is that we must simply learn to be okay with a dirty facility. All of this, just because of the legends, myths, and horror stories have told us to believe.

Today we’ll dive headfirst into some of the reasons commercial cleaning services are worth being hired for your business.

Outsourcing Cleaning Services is Cheaper in the Long Run

“I can’t afford it.” is a common complaint when staring at a new janitorial bid. However, is it truly too expensive?

Commercial cleaning services can be costly but too expensive is a bit of a leap. Most people that receive a bid from a janitorial company get sticker-shock when they see the final numbers but fail to realize all the things lumped into the price.

If you are performing in-house janitorial, you have to worry about payroll, benefits, insurance, equipment, chemicals, and consumable purchasing, not to mention supervision and management. When you add up those numbers, you get a better idea of why outsourcing can be a much better solution.

When choosing a commercial cleaning company, it’s important to understand the true cost of all you’re outsourcing before balking at the final number. Outsourcing isn’t just taking payroll expenses off your plate, it’s clearing the entire table. You are handing over the reins to a company that can clean, manage, purchase products, and so much more. And that in itself should give you peace of mind…but if you still have reservations about the unknowns, take a look at our previous blog, The Questions You Should Ask Every Janitorial Company.

Commercial Cleaning Services are Trustworthy

If your facility holds sensitive documents, money, or clientele, it’s understandable that you would be leery of letting outsiders into your building. You worry about theft and damage but the reality is, you shouldn’t. In truth, these instances almost never happen, and when they do, the thief is punished severely by both their employer and the law.

A reputable commercial cleaning service will have a thorough vetting process that ensures individuals of the highest integrity are hired. A good janitorial company performs background checks (check out SHRM’s Background Check and Policy Procedure recommendations), drug testing, as well as having some strict rules and regulations to prevent employee hands from touching anything they shouldn’t.

Not only that, the law is the law. Most people have a natural desire to obey it. A single incidence of theft can completely ruin a commercial cleaning service’s reputation, so you can bet that they take every single measure to prevent these occurrences from happening.

Bottom line: cleaning companies are much more afraid of untrustworthiness than you. They are taking every step possible to give their clients upstanding and above-board service. Know that by enlisting the help of a janitorial company, they are taking every measure to give you the most honorable service possible.

Communication is Open

Most people are afraid to outsource because they believe that communication will break down and your needs will remain unmet. This may be the instance with some janitorial services but a good commercial cleaning company will strongly encourage open lines of communication.

With a janitorial service that encourages communication, not only will your immediate desires be met, but you are no longer tracking down every person on your payroll to communicate your needs. Instead, you direct your concerns to leadership in order to enact change in their teams quickly and painlessly. A good janitorial company doesn’t diminish your communication efforts, it increases its effectiveness allowing you to rest assured that the work is being completed at the highest degree.

The truth is, we tend to believe a lot of myths about commercial cleaning because of a few bad seeds in the industry. Not all janitorial companies are alike. In fact, the best companies encourage communication, are reliable and trustworthy, and will rest within your budget. The myths will always be there, it’s up to us whether we place them in the same box as Santa or not. And if you can do that, a filthy facility is not just something you have to be okay with.