It can be a nightmare to get stuck in a contract with a terrible cleaning company. A clean facility is essential for happy and healthy employees and to make a great impression on clients.

When you have a cleaning company that performs poorly, you can end up with sick and unhappy employees and clients. Plus, you might start feeling frustrated if it’s challenging to communicate with your cleaning company.

Before hiring a cleaning company, it’s essential to go through these seven steps to choose the perfect office cleaning services company. Also, perform a walkthrough to qualify your next cleaning company.

If you encounter any of these problems while going through this process, it’s best to keep searching and look for a better cleaning service to work with.

1. The Price Seems Too Good To Be True

It may be tempting to go with the company that offers the best price, but you usually get what you pay for. If you want high-quality cleaning services, you have to be prepared to pay for them.

If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

2. The Company Doesn’t Have Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is vital for this field. This insurance protects you if a janitorial cleaning services team member gets injured on your property. Otherwise, you could be responsible for medical bills.

In addition, this insurance will compensate you if any items in your office are damaged or broken due to the cleaning services.

3. The Company Is Not Licensed

Ask to see the company’s valid business license and any other license required in your area. This confirms that the business has met all local requirements.


4. The Company Has A Poor Website With No Testimonials Or Reviews

Before contacting cleaning companies, visit their website. Make sure the site looks professional and includes applicable information. Also, look through client testimonials and reviews. If you can’t find reviews or testimonials on their website or elsewhere, this is a bad sign.


5. The Company Can’t Keep Long-Term Clients

When chatting with the company representative, ask how long they have had their clients. Also, ask about the average length of client relationships. Most janitorial contracts are one year, so it’s a problem if the average length is one year or less. You want to see evidence of companies renewing their contract.


6. The Contract Is Missing Important Details

Before signing a contract with a cleaning company, it’s essential to make sure it includes all relevant details. If not, you will not be protected. If any of these items are missing from the contract, ask that they are included.
Frequency of cleaning
Times and days of cleaning
Outline of specific duties
Specification of cleaning products to be used and who is providing them
Specification of who is responsible for providing paper products
Performance expectations
Remedy for disagreement


7. The Company Doesn’t Value Employees

You want a cleaning company that values its employees. It’s a problem if they have a high turnover rate, do not provide benefits, or outsource hiring.

A cleaning company should hire its own employees, perform background checks, and perform an e-verification process. Employees also should receive training and paid time off. Cleaning professionals will be happier and do a better job when working for a company that values them.


8. The Company Subcontracts Out The Work

It’s another problem if a cleaning company subcontracts out the work. If this is the case, there is little control over the quality, and it opens the door for communication problems. Only work with a company that hires and maintains its own employees.


9. The Company Doesn’t Specialize In Your Industry

Pay close attention to the areas of specialization when screening cleaning companies. For instance, if you are looking for janitorial cleaning services for a medical facility, you want to work with a company specializing in this area. It’s a problem if a commercial cleaning company doesn’t have experience with the specific needs of your facility.

10. During The Walkthrough, The Representative Isn’t Receptive To Instructions

Your cleaning company should do everything in their power to follow your instructions. If you have specific requests, the representative should be receptive and take notes.

If the person dismisses your instructions or is not attentive during the walkthrough, it’s a sign of negative future interactions.

11. Concerns With Safety Or Security Are Not Adequately Addressed

Safety and security are vital when letting others into your commercial space. Discuss the cleaning company’s safety practices and any safety concerns in your building.

Also, talk about security. If your facility includes sensitive client information, discuss the cleaning company’s protocol regarding this information. It’s a problem if the company does not have policies to address safety and security.

12. There Is No Plan To Maintain Quality

Commercial cleaning companies should perform proactive inspections of the facilities they clean. Weekly checks are ideal, and monthly is adequate. If there is no plan for proactive inspections, this is a problem.

13. Harmful Chemicals Are Used

It’s preferential to use green chemicals, and even better if they are food-safe. Harmful chemicals can cause employees to have adverse reactions and can damage your facility’s surfaces.

14. Communication Is Poor

The cleaning company should have a separate account representative not directly connected with the work. This allows for more accessible communication. If problems arise, you want to be able to quickly contact someone who can help. Know who your point of contact is, and when they are available on a weekly basis.

Look Out For Problems When Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company is a part of your budget you don’t want to waste. Hire a reliable, reputable company you can trust to elevate and maintain the cleanliness of your facility. Take your time when searching for the right company. Ask the right questions and look for the problems listed above.

If you are in the process of interviewing commercial cleaning companies to service your facility, download our free Walkthrough Checklist to help you make the best decision.

By steering clear of companies full of problems, you can ensure a better outcome. You will have a much better experience when you work with someone who treats their employees well, listens to you, regularly inspects their work, and has clear communication methods.

When you find the right fit, your facility will look great. Your employees can remain happy, healthy, and productive, and your clients will be impressed. In addition, you can relax knowing that you are working with a reliable company that will show up when expected and do a thorough job.

You have enough worries. Check office cleaning off your list.

Our Team at Zoe Facility Services invites you to book a walkthrough with us today. We challenge you to put us to the test and are confident that you will be pleased with our answers and services.