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Commercial and janitorial cleaning services that keep your facilities clean and safe while freeing you up to focus on your core objectives.

Our Loyal Customers

Janitorial cleaning services, without the hassle

Dirty facilities are wasting your time and money.

Time spent dealing with complaints

Customers lost due to lack of cleanliness

Sick days caused by germs that weren’t killed or disinfected

Feel the Power of Clean

Wow Your Customers

Your facilities should reflect the great company you are.

Regain Control

Stop dealing with complaints about a dirty facility and get your time back.

Increase Productivity

A clean, safe facility keeps your employees healthier and your customers happier.

“Every time we need anything completed they come through with great service and even better quality. I love knowing we can trust our commercial cleaning company.”

Why Work With Us

Janitorial cleaning company clear communication

We're focused on you

We’re here to serve you – call us, share your concerns, and know we’ll be your janitorial support system.

Our janitorial cleaning company stays within your budget

No More Unexpected Costs

We work with you to design a scope within your budget and complete everything without increased cost.

Our commercial cleaning company takes care of your facility overnight

Relief, Delivered Overnight

Walk into work knowing the most noticeable aspect of your job is already taken care of.

Our commercial cleaning company cares about you.

We Don’t Just Clean, We Care

We pay attention to the details and clean things others miss so your facility assets don’t need to be replaced as often

“I was feeling frustrated over the sloppy work and lack of attention to detail due to my cleaning provider’s constant turnover and inability to find great staff. Then I brought in Zoë Facility Services.

They have a much lower turnover rate which means their team is better at keeping our facilities clean. They even have back up employees to cover the work when their scheduled employees need the day off, so I am always confident our facility is cleaned well.”

Director of Operations, Collegiate Facility

“Before Zoë Facility Services, I could never find a commercial cleaning company that would actually do the things they said they would do when the contract was signed.

Zoë came in and did exactly what they said they would do and continue to do a great job. The decision to trust Zoë means my facility is properly cleaned and I’m no longer frustrated.”

Facilities Manager, Manufacturing Facility

“Since bringing on Zoë, I have stopped being bogged down by complaints about cleanliness issues in our facilities. In fact, I consistently receive very positive feedback from all of my Principals.

Communication is the key to success and Zoë excels with the human connection. The buildings and grounds look amazing but the strong relationship they’ve managed to build is paramount”

Director of Operations, K-12 School District

Imagine what will happen if things keep getting worse.

Staff will keep getting sick, you’ll have more headaches from dealing with complaints about empty paper towel holders, and you won’t have time to take care of the tasks that really matter. How much is it worth to eliminate these workplace distresses?

Focus your time and energy on leading your team, not dealing with complaints about a dirty facility.

It’s time to stop feeling out of control of your facility. Make a change, hire our commercial cleaning services, and rest easy knowing we’re keeping your building clean.

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Together, we’ll develop a cost-effective plan that meets your janitorial cleaning needs.

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We know how to transition well so you never miss a day of clean.

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Breathe a sigh of relief and know that your facility is consistently clean.

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